"For thus says the Lord: Lo, I will spread prosperity over her like a river, and the wealth of the nations like an overflowing torrent. As nurslings, you shall be carried in her arms, and fondled in her lap; As a mother comforts her son, so will I comfort you..." Isaiah 66:12-13

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arts Fest.

We finally made it to central PA for Arts Fest. The last time that I went was three years ago and I carried Maria around in a backpack. (See hiking pictures below... I'm too lazy to link it.)

This year I had the girls in the double stroller. It was an entirely different experience trying to see things with the girls. We arrived later than I had hoped. Then we stopped for five minutes or so watching a real balloon animal maker person (those of you who were at Jim's party know what I mean), while putting sunscreen on the girls. Ya, poor planning. I should have done that on the bus from the parking lot.

It was hard to get Maria past the kid fountains. But a promise to come back to them made her quiet down. Then we got in line for lunch...and after a minute in line, back out to find a restroom for Maria. After 15 minutes, back in line for lunch. Then 15 minutes or so of eating, after a minute of whining about having chicken fingers (that she'd asked for) instead of the hot dog (that she'd said she didn't want).

We just made it to the library, where they were doing kids art and got the third to last piece of paper, which Maria and Amelia had to share. After some fun painting, the girls played with the Brio trains for about 30 minutes. Finally I bribed them to leave with promises of seeing "sand castles." A poor choice of words, since this is what was really going on:

So finally we got to see the artists' booths. But it was more of a buzz by and I didn't buy anything. I'd really wanted to bit up some more interesting pottery, but a nearly incessant whining prevented me from looking at anything for more than a few seconds.

By the time we'd made it to the sand sculptures, the girls had each had a cupcake, each had gotten a free balloon and Maria had released all the helium from her balloon, nearly throwing herself into the street in despair (at least the streets were closed). At the sculptures, Maria tried to be happy just looking at the sand (she really wanted to play in it) and Amelia ran in circles screeching at anyone who came near. It was way past naptime at this point.

Finally we headed back to the fountains, and I let Maria go through the "mister."

Swamp Thing? No, just Maria.

Then we walked across campus so that I could see some of the new buildings. We were getting pretty hot and tired, so when we came upon the new creamery, we had to stop for a treat. Maria enjoyed her giant ice cream and I shared mine with Amelia. (I had strawberry cheesecake, and Maria had vanilla.)

Kiddie Size? I think not.

A nice end to a long day.

Just when you thought I was done with French Creek...

I really wanted to do a funny post with some of the cute things that the kids said on the camping trip. But I lost my notes. Yes, I made notes. And then I thought that I had washed them.

Fortunately for you they've turned up again. So here is "the cute things that the kids said while camping" post that you all were waiting for. (Yes, we've done other things since then, and yes I'm way behind in my posts. I might do it this week. Or not, since we're getting ready for NC.)


Mommy: Do you want to use your folding potty?
Maria: No, I will use the camp potty (in the motor home) with my Dora seat, because it's campier.

While hiking, Maria made up a great song about what we were doing. It went something like this:

Oh, we're walking in a line! Walking in a line! Mommy and Amelia! Daddy and Maria! And Aunt Becky way far away! We're walking in a line! (repeat for five minutes on so at the top of your voice)

(I suppose this song is another reason why Jim was so tired at the end of the hike.)

Maria to Aunt Becky: God wants you to move. God wants you to move over here so you can play with your niece.


When allowed to walk: "I running way! I running way!"

When invited to please sit down in the canoe: "No, thanks!"

When hearing rain on the roof of the motor home during nap time: "Oh! Clapping! Gammy clapping!"

When seeing the fire for the first time: "Candles!"

(Thanks to Kerry for the pictures of the girls.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In the Canoe at French Creek.

Here's Amelia "helping" Daddy fill out the paperwork to rent the canoe. Notice how the hat has already been removed.

Geese. There were lots of them. Amelia like yelling, "DUCKS!" at them. Therefore we never got very close to them.

My view from the back of the canoe (notice I've put Amelia's hat back on). This was after Amelia's first attempt to exit the canoe, at which point I moved her closer to me. I think this was before I gave her crackers to eat to keep her still.

Maria imitating the geese flying away.

Ok, this one's not of us in the canoe. This was at the campsite on our last day. Thank goodness for camera's with timers.

Jen's attempt at "Art" from the French Creek Hike.

Indian Pipes

Teaberry on a Rock


Little Bridge

Forest Flowers

Wild Blueberries (Yum!)

French Creek 2008 - Still more pictures.

This is zombification from a different angle. Rainy days are a good reason to have a motor home while camping with kids. And a satellite dish.

From our two-hour hike. This is Jim at the start of the hike. I didn't take a picture of him at the end, but if I did I'm sure he wouldn't have let me post it. A hike is much harder with and extra 35-40 lbs on your back.

Here's one of Amelia and I. Not the best one of me, but Amelia's cute.

This is the best one of our navigator, Becky. I had one of her with the map, but it was fuzzy. However, this shows what my view was like much of the time, Becky blazing ahead unhampered by a backpack full of wiggling, hair-pulling, screeching fun. (Becky is also in better shape than Jim and I so I'm sure that helped too.)

More Camping Pictures.

These are from our walk/playground stop on the first day there.
Maria heard Becky and I talking about running and so she needed to get out and run. Maria made Becky and I be on her team and run with her. Then Amelia tried it...she spent the rest of the weekend yelling, "I running way!" every time we let her walk by herself. (No pics of that though, too busy chasing.)

The kids enjoyed the slide.

It was nice to have extra hands around to help with the girls. Aunt Becky did a lot of chasing and "spotting" while we were at the playground.
A fun time for all.

Note: I had intended to post this last week, the computer ate it. Luckily, blogger saved it right after I uploaded the pics so I was able to come back and get it posted finally.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Zombification in Progress.

Finally more yarn pictures.

I know that you are all waiting for a pictures of those socks... right? Well, you'll just have to be satisfied with picture of my yarn swift and ball winder, and my two little helpers.

The one on the right is the sock yarn that was tangled. I had hand wound it, and finally have re-wound it properly now that I have the swift and winder. I probably won't retry those socks for while though. I have a scarf and sweater to do first.

When baking with toddlers...

...don't put the cooling racks within reach of small hands. Or you'll end up with something like this.