"For thus says the Lord: Lo, I will spread prosperity over her like a river, and the wealth of the nations like an overflowing torrent. As nurslings, you shall be carried in her arms, and fondled in her lap; As a mother comforts her son, so will I comfort you..." Isaiah 66:12-13

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day... Surprise!

So all of us are sick. Some sort of head cold. I, so far, haven't been completely wiped out by it... but I anticipate the worst, and expect to be dragging around by Saturday, just when I'll need energy to pull off Becky's Shower #2. It should be pretty fun.

Yesterday, as you all know was St. Patrick's Day. A day to wear green and drink enough beer so that your skin ends up matching your outfit. Or maybe it's a day to celebrate being Irish - so you should go around speaking Irish brogue and eating corned beef and cabbage. It may also possibly have to do with a Saint who did something important a long time ago... involving pirates and possibly snakes, but who remembers that now?

In any case, given my cold I planned to spend my St. Patrick's day wearing my pink flamingo flannel jammies (close-up above) and laying on the couch, semi-comatose, while the kids trashed the place. This was not to be however, as my good buddy, Delbert (not his real name), had decided that on this day, in honor of the saint and all things Irish (he's Irish - so this makes sense), I would be receiving a bouquet of fruit.

Yep. Fruit.

And being that this was coming from Delbert, who has a knack for knowing when I'm indisposed - and this works both ways, we're perpetually calling one another just as the call-ee is entering the bath - it would come on my Pajama Day, so that I would be forced to receive it, blushingly, from a very polite, though slightly startled delivery man.

I probably wouldn't have answered the door at all had it not been for the small pajama clad person who, upon hearing the doorbell, ran to see who it was, then stood jumping and pointing, in full view of the door. This combined with my looking out to see the truck, which read Edible Arrangements, and realizing that whatever he had was probably perishable, compelled me to answer the door.

I'm glad I did, really, as the fruit was yummy. Some of it was even chocolate covered. And for whatever reason this pregnancy, especially recently, I'm been craving fruit of all kinds. (Just another example of the weird connection that Delbert and I share - even from miles and miles away he can tell that I want fruit, preferably already cut, and chocolate covered.)

So, thanks, Delbert for the surprise, the fruit and the story. I really needed something funny to post on my blog.

Becky's Shower #1

Okay, so I know that people are waiting to see these pictures. I wanted to try and get them up here before this weekend, when I'll have pictures from her second shower to try to post. Plus I figured that I ought to post these pictures, before posting my St. Patrick's day surprise pictures....that will be my next post. Hopefully, I'll get that up by this afternoon.

These are the best pictures that I got, ones of the present opening. I was moving around so much the rest of the time that I didn't really take the time to take nice pictures.

This was where is was for most of the day... near the kids, trying to keep them happy and away from danger... such as falling boxes of ceiling tile and stoves. Guess I didn't do such a great job. But at least here they are contained for five minutes or so... until the crayon eating started.