"For thus says the Lord: Lo, I will spread prosperity over her like a river, and the wealth of the nations like an overflowing torrent. As nurslings, you shall be carried in her arms, and fondled in her lap; As a mother comforts her son, so will I comfort you..." Isaiah 66:12-13

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some pictures of the kids so my Aunt will stop bugging me. :)

These are from a few months/weeks ago. The most recent ones are stuck on the camera, as I keep forgetting to get new (lithium) batteries for it. I have regular batteries that would work to let me upload the pics, but if I put them in I'll forget to get the lithium ones and then I'll be stuck somewhere with dead batteries ('cuz the regular don't last as long) and I'll be really upset that I can't take pictures and post them to my blog for my dear Aunt to look at. (Hi, Aunt Rosey! I think you're the only blog reader that I have left. :) )

Look what I found!

Yep, that's Amelia.  She was two months old then.  And rather grumpy.  Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be posting new pictures.  Hmmm.... Let me see.  I stopped posting at Eastertime.  So I'll start way back then.  :)  This should be fun.
Joshua's first time in a swing?  At least the first time this spring, I think.  He definitely liked it.

Hey, who's that handsome man in a suit?  Right there in front.  Yep, that's my Eagle Scout husband, with current and former members of his Scout troop, which celebrated 50 years this year.  Very cool.

Some memorabilia.

Jim looking dapper.

And not so dapper.  But definitely manly.
Yep, that's the washer he's fixing and it still works too.

What's that?  Oh, right.  I'm supposed to be posting pictures of the kids.

Here's some from our co-op's preschool.  Can you find Joshie in the second one?
Yep, crying.  I don't remember why.  But the other kids are cute, right?

Here's one of Amelia in our yard.  She's bringing me a dandelion, her favorite flower.  See how happy she is.  This is why we won't get "real" grass, there'd be no dandelions and Amelia would be sad.
  This give me a chance to finally blog a great Amelia quote:  We were at the playground and Amelia came over to me and said, "Mommy, I gave that girl a dandelion so when meanness happens she can raise it in the air and make happiness again."  Yep, no real grass around here, just lots of happiness.

Maria all girly in the stream.  She was afraid of getting her dress wet.

Joshua and I, a self potrait.  I look ok, 'cept for the large hat.  J
oshie looks stunned.  Too much fresh air perhaps?

Family walk.  No chance we'll blend in; such bright colors!

Ack!  What's he doing here?

Whew!  Good thing he's sleeping.  And there's very thick glass.
This was from our mother's day trip to the zoo.

So is this.  They were having a culture fair - Asia and the South Pacific.  This was Kung-fu.
Jim was very pleased indeed.

The girls are such hams.

Joshua liked the hippo statue.  Even though it was seeringly hot.  Yikes!

Hey, look!  A hedgehog!

And some hippos!  
My favorite.  Don't laugh.  
And yes, it's because I would love to lounge around all day mostly submerged in a cool pool of water.

Right, back to the kids.  This was from Mom's birthday trip to the Penn State Creamery (and later dinner).
Joshua's wondering, "Where's mine!"  He did have some too.  And he was very happy with it.

Jim did this.  They're lying outside the Palmer Museum on campus.  See how happy they are to oblige daddy, and lay on the dirty cement in the middle of the hubbub of graduation weekend.  (Yes, some poor planning on our parts...maybe next trip to campus we'll be able to get a picture of them at the Lion Shrine without having to wait in a ginormous line.)

Our toad.  He lives under a tree root right along the path in the woods.  He's almost always there.
Amelia was beside herself with joy when he peed on her.  She thought it was the funniest thing since we saw the hawk pooping.  Yep, she's recently potty-trained, how could you tell?  :)

Our second favorite spot to play in the creek.

 Amelia pushing Joshua on the swings.  These two are gonna have some good times together.

This group is from the girls' dance class.  
I have some video of their "recital" but I'll figure out how to post that some other time.

Amelia at the hairdresser, getting ready for her first haircut.

She looks a bit concerned.

But she did great, and it was just a quick trim anyway.

Joshua got his hair trimmed too!  At least most of it.  A boy can only sit still so long.

Especially when there's a cute dog to chase around.

Maria got her hair trimmed too.  But she's an old pro.  This was her third haircut.

Whew!  That brings me up to the end of May.  I'll have to do June/July in the next post.  Which I'll try to get to this weekend.  :)  Really.