"For thus says the Lord: Lo, I will spread prosperity over her like a river, and the wealth of the nations like an overflowing torrent. As nurslings, you shall be carried in her arms, and fondled in her lap; As a mother comforts her son, so will I comfort you..." Isaiah 66:12-13

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some pictures of the girls.

Here are some pictures from our recent walk in the local nature area. There are apparently several trails and streams in this 89 acre nature area. The property that we're most interested in has 1.5 acres that adjoins this nature area, so if all goes well we'll be living within walking distance of this stream.

This is Maria and her rattlesnake. During a recent conversation about snakes, I mentioned that if you see a snake you should get away quickly, especially if it's a rattlesnake. Maria said, "Ya, but you can PLAY with MY rattlesnake."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You know that the morning is going to be interesting when you go into you room to get dressed and return to find your nearly three year old lying in her bed cuddling a cheese stick. This would be her second one this morning... I'm thinking growth-spurt.

Joshua Tree

A link to a picture of a Joshua Tree. Just because it's sooo cool.